Inmate Information

Inmate Correspondence

All Mail sent to an inmate shall be addressed in the following manner:


(Full Name of Inmate)

Saratoga County Correctional Facility

6010 County Farm Road

Ballston Spa, New York 12020


Any cash, $20.00 maximum, you send to an inmate will be deposited in their commissary account. Money Orders, Personal Checks, and any cash over the $20.00 maximum will not be deposited and will be returned to you.




The following items are permitted in a package:

One set of court clothes and shoes.

Religious Material (soft covered)

Absolutely No Food Items


Printed Material and Publications

Any printed material or publication (including newspaper) you wish to send an inmate must be mailed directly from the publisher via USPS, UPS, Fed Ex. However, books from companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, etc. may be accepted.

The Saratoga County Correctional Facility has the authority to censor any publication when it is determined that such material or publication threatens the safety, security, and good order of the facility.


Inmates can order commissary once a week. There are many kinds of items they can order such as hygiene products, writing materials, clothing, sneakers, food, snacks and more. Funding for such items can be deposited into an inmate’s commissary account by utilizing any of the following:

  • Kiosk: located in the visitor lobby at the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office
  • Online:
  • Telephone: M-F 7:30 AM-7:00 PM: 866-345-1884
  • Mail: $20.00 limit

Securepak is another option for supplying an inmate with hygiene products, writing materials, clothing, sneakers, food, snacks, and more. Once per month family members can go to: or telephone 1-800-546-6283 and select items for purchase. These orders will be filled during the first full week of each month and delivered to the inmate.

Bail / Bond

Bail may be posted at the facility at any time. Bail must be in the form of cash, certified bank check, or credit card for the exact amount. If bail is posted by certified check, it must be made payable to:


No personal or business checks can be used for bail. Bail may also be posted through the services of a bail bondsman of your choice.


Facility Clearance

Members of the clergy or program volunteers whom wish to access the facility for the purpose of providing services must receive clearance prior to such access.  For further information regarding facility clearance, contact Lt. Sean Connolly at (518) 885-2478




This facility does not accept incoming messages for incarcerated individuals. All calls for inmates are out-going collect calls only. The only incoming phone calls that will be accepted are legal counsel and family emergency phone calls, such as a serious injury or death in the family.


favicon scso_telephone copy

All phone calls outgoing from this facility will be recorded with the exception of phone calls that are privileged or restricted (for example – attorney calls).


Be wary of inmate calls that request you to dial *72 followed by a new ten-digit number. Completing this request will result in the forwarding of your telephone number to a number of the inmate´s choosing, and all calls to your true telephone number will be automatically forwarded to the new number without your knowledge. The only way to reverse the forwarding of calls to a new number is to dial *73.

Destination Prepay

A Service for Family and Friends, family members and friends of inmates can set up an ADVANCEPAY® prepaid calling account for their respective telephone numbers. Calls that may otherwise be blocked can now be completed through GTL’s ADVANCEPAY® program.

How Does It Work?

ADVANCEPAY® allows inmates to call your number without the restrictions of standard billing. When an inmate attempts to make a collect call to you and your number cannot accept collect call billing, the ADVANCEPAY® automated operator will provide you with the option of setting up a prepaid account with a Visa or MasterCard payment of either $25 or $50. If you do so at this time, you will be re-connected to the inmate and the cost of this call will be deducted from your newly established ADVANCEPAY® account. If you cannot establish an ADVANCEPAY® account at that time, the inmate will be disconnected and you can call 1-800-483-8314 to establish an ADVANCEPAY® account at a later time.

Benefits: Customers can rest assured that collect call charges will not reach an excessive amount.

When your ADVANCEPAY® account reaches the point where it cannot cover the cost of a one minute call, the system will automatically provide you the option to add more money to your account.

All transactions occur in real time. When an inmate places a call to a number set up with an ADVANCEPAY® account, funds are deducted from the account as soon as the call is completed.

If you would like to close your ADVANCEPAY® account and request a refund of any remaining balance, you must notify GTL within 90 days of the accounts last use. An administrative fee of $5.00 will be deducted from the remaining balance before refund to cover the cost of the account closure. Accounts that remain inactive for more than 90 days are automatically dissolved.

For more information, click HERE to go to GTL’s website. Billing Questions:
Including: Paying your inmate telephone bill, blocking guidelines, etc.

Billing Inquiry Staff
Telephone: 877.650.4249
Fax: 251.473.4588


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