K-9 Unit


The K-9 Unit of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office consists of six NYS certified K-9’s and handlers. Three of the K-9’s are certified for narcotics detection while the remaining three are certified for explosive detection. All K-9’s and handlers are trained for tracking, area and building searches, handler protection, criminal apprehension and public relations. K-9 patrols work seven days per week, three shifts per day and are on call 24 hours per day. K-9 patrols respond to requests for assistance from other agencies in Saratoga County as well as out-of-county agencies. Commonly these requests are made for assistance in apprehending a suspect, finding a missing person, locating narcotics, and detecting explosives or weapons. To receive a NYS certification every K-9 team must undergo a rigorous 6-month training period. K-9’s and handlers are evaluated by a NYS DCJS Evaluator.



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