Dive team

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The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office Underwater Search and Recovery Team (Dive Team) is a public safety dive team. Currently the dive team is comprised of twelve divers who are working toward or possess at a minimum, Master Diver Certification. In addition to certification received in a variety of topics, team members practice on a monthly basis to enhance their skills.



Dive team operations include initiating search and recovery operations in underwater environments, locating and investigating underwater crime scenes, documenting and retrieving evidentiary items from the water, and assisting in the investigation of water related crimes. The dive team conducts both land and boat-based operations in a variety of challenging bodies of water within Saratoga County. Boat based operations are carried out utilizing agency patrol boats and an air boat.
Digital Camera

In addition to standard dive equipment, the team has a variety of specialized equipment to carry out operations in any environment. The equipment includes: an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) equipped with camera’s, grabber arm and scanning sonar, underwater metal detectors, lift bags, wireless underwater communications, along with underwater video and photography.



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